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The Breeding Ground is the home to some of the biggest names in today’s Hip-Hop market. Sap, the producer rapper from Delaware will be no different in making waves in the industry. The low-key demeanor of this young man is a polar opposite to the impressive moves he has made for himself so far. Making his breakthrough production with Philly’s Meek Mill on “In My Bag” led him along a nod-worthy path that has led him to Hip-Hop production super duo Cool and Dre, as well as given him the solid foundation to launch his rap career.

Striving to put a quiet region in Hip-Hop in the spotlight, Sap has fall into his own rhythm of juggling his talents. Tune into Sap’s first look on AllHipHop.com, as he tells us how becoming a producer slash rapper is about keeping the balance of good beats and good bars, about his support…

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