We’re All Golden

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Our less desirable pieces get more shine than our golden ones. Why?

Because it’s easier to zoom in on the negative, rather than embrace the positive. This form of mental torture leads to comparison, and as Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

We all have something someone else may want.


Seems like the top desires for folks overall are intelligence, beauty, health, charm, and/or money. Having all, or even one of these attributes, will not guarantee happiness.

Smart, pretty, rich, skinny people have problems too. No one is immune to life’s curve balls. The curve balls differ person-to-person is all.

During a chat at the office with a new coworker, we realized how easy it is for folks to assume that having the opposite type of hair on their head would make them happier, more desirable. Curly girls want straight hair, straight-haired chicks want curls. The grass is greener on the other side, we’ve been told.

Let’s learn to love and adore what we’ve been given, if it’s not truly damaging our spirit.

Make a list of your desirable qualities, inside and out, based on the opinions of others. I’ll start:

  • Sense of humor
  • Natural hair
  • Thin body
  • Cordial
  • Well-dressed
  • Likable
  • Creative
  • Professional

I chuckled a bit as I made that list, because based on my own self eval, I don’t believe all of the qualities listed above should be desired, and I don’t maintain those qualities all day everyday.

I’ve answered inbound office calls with a mouth full of food, worn tights with a hole in the left toe to work, and tend to cut people off when they’re talking. I am slim-bodied due to the genes on mother’s side, mostly. I’d probably have cankles otherwise.

Here’s a list of my inner and outer fails, as deemed by moi:

  • Impatience
  • Acne
  • Muffin top (I hide it well!)
  • Procrastination
  • Geographic tongue
  • Moody
  • May have killed a deer (accidentally!)
  • Divorced single mom

You can find the silver lining in some, or perhaps all, of your “faults”.

I can pay to have my muffin top eliminated, and have the ability to work it off (currently doing the latter). I can even out my temperament by taking supplements (in progress), and remind myself that though it’s not a cake walk being a divorced single mom, I am a mom. Everyone is not able to become a parent.

Find your silver linings, and stay golden. Also keep in mind, that we’ve all fucked up at life once or twice, so give yourself a break. Break the cycle of making the same mistakes, and watch how awesome your existence will become.




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