I’m Attempting to Totally Accept Others


Are we supposed to aim to love everyone that crosses our paths?

I’m attempting to, on a smaller level, by first attempting to identify the good in everyone. The second step, is accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I struggle with the latter.

How can one love someone that they don’t totally accept? Is it truly possible? Surely there’s a monk and nun out there who wish to see someone they’re not a fan of fall down two flights of steps.

At least I can say I’m at the point where I don’t feel hatred towards anyone. A base level of disgust, yes, but not hatred.

I also find that it’s difficult for me to completely accept someone that doesn’t have the same set of morals and values I do.

It’s strange, since my current circle of friends are mostly religious, unlike myself. I am the only one among my friends that is a “mostly-Pescatarian” (I only eat the flesh of land animals that I’ve deemed acceptable–those that have been raised and treated as humanely as possible and given a proper diet). I am also the only one among my friends that is a Green Party Member.

Those differences don’t make me look down upon them, though it can be a bit uncomfortable for me at times when the topic of religion comes up, since I choose to bite my tongue in an effort to keep the peace, and be respectful of their beliefs, no matter how much I quietly discredit them.

Yet they are my friends.

So how can I apply that to strangers, like Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump? I have gone from being anti-Kim K. to indifferent, upon giving her credit for her hustle. Can’t knock it.

But Mr. Trump…that’s a hard pill to swallow, because I truly believe he’s a damaging force in our society. I believe in karma, so I don’t need to manifest negative energy towards him, but I most certainly do not approve of him.

Is my non-approval of him wrong, or should I learn to accept him for who he is, or who he appears to be in the media?

Accepting him wouldn’t mean that I condone his actions. Merely that “it is what is”.

Hmmm. I think I just solved my own problem by writing this post.


I think I get it now.

By accepting someone for everything that they are, I am giving myself a sense of peace by not worrying about the parts of them I dislike. By accepting others wholly, I am not saying that I co-sign all of their character flaws and unsavory decisions; I am saying that I accept them as they are, that it’s not my place to change them by pushing my ideologies upon them.

We’re all a part of a color palette. Each color has value, and adds to the overall artwork of life. Some colors complement one another, while others clash.

We’re all right and wrong.


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