Painting Must Become My New Hobby


I quit meditating (again) awhile ago, so now I’m seeking another therapeutic way of easing my mind.

Meditating regularly became a struggle since it’s hard for me to sit uninterrupted daily.

I’m still exercising, aiming for five times a week, sans the week I’m ragging. I cut myself a break during that period (no pun intended), though if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll hit the elliptical glider for ten minutes.

One of my best mates and I attending a Painting with a Twist event last Saturday. We had a marvelous time creating a patriotic scene while enjoying cups of Moscato and Southern pecan coffee. It was our first time painting since attending public school.

For years I’ve wanted to take up painting as a hobby, since I find it relaxing and suitable for my creative spirit.

I haven’t made it a habit since when I first pondered the idea, I wasn’t living on my own. I wasn’t going to chance upsetting my mom, who I cohabited with for a few years after my divorce, with an accidental paint spill on the hard wood floors, or flick of acrylic paint on the white-painted bedroom walls. Of course I’d use a floor covering while painting, but I’ve been known to get clumsy. Hence why it took me awhile to upgrade my plastic drink ware to glass. The scolding you get for breaking a few of your persnickety mother’s wine glasses isn’t light.

Now that I’m living on my own in a wall-to-wall carpeted apartment, I’m seriously debating taking up painting as my form of meditation, an active mental wellness practice.

I could make room for supplies, but what about the completed paintings? Perhaps I could give them away to friends, or sell them on Etsy.

I know I won’t have enough storage, depending on how many I crank out. Maybe if I do one per month, I’ll be able to manage.

It’s still a work in progress. But at least it’s going to become a reality, no longer an idea.

Unless I change my mind when I see how much art supplies cost.


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