Making #Life Easier One Sunday at a Time

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I’ve been wanting to make my life easier by reducing wasted time during the weekdays. Since I let go of the idea of having work-free weekends, things are coming together.For a long time I believed that weekends were only for fun, not work. This attitude is what caused me some unnecessary stress during the work week, when I found myself getting ready at the last minute on the reg, and being frustrated with my lack of all day energy.

Since I’m an avid Pinterest user, I’ve been using the platform to my advantage when it comes to life hacks.

I used to setup up my work outfits for the week, but now have decided to it daily. Why? I’d end up changing my mind in the morning based on the weather forecast or my mood. This also alleviated me from having to iron a week’s worth of clothes in one sitting.

Meal prep for breakfast and/or lunch is now done on Sundays, my low-key day of the week. No more scrambling an hour before bedtime to throw some reasonable edibles in my lunch bag. Making lunch for the week alleviates the pressure of relying on leftovers or being lazy enough to opt for take out on lunch breaks. I’m on the verge of buying a single serve coffee brewer to cut down on my hot beverage prep time in the mornings, which I do while waiting for my car to warm up during the colder months.

I’ve also taken to working out before dinner instead of bedtime for two reasons: to get it out of the way, and to ensure that I’ll have enough energy to give it one hundred percent. When I worked out nightly, I didn’t go as hard as I’d like, and often skipped my workouts because I felt exhausted from the day’s activities. Since I have some adrenaline pumping when I get home from work, it makes sense to get it in before dinner. I also try to have a snack when I get home or before leaving work so I’m not feeling ravenous.

Sundays are no longer my coveted R&R days, but it’s cool. I feel better being productive throughout the day as opposed to loafing. I do try to get a movie in, so it’s not all work and no play. I’m not a robot, after all.

No offense to robots.

Robots are magic.


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