Morning Coffee, Nightly Tea


For awhile, I labeled myself as a tea drinker. Coffee wasn’t my cup of tea [gong].Now that I’m in my early thirties, and have to rise before the sun at least five days a week, I’m leaning on coffee’s shoulder.

To curb caffeine addiction, I limit myself to having two servings max in the mornings on work days. I have a five-day work week, and rely on a fourteen ounce thermos to store my brew. I don’t always fill it to the top, so I end up having roughly 1.5 servings quintuple times a week.

The only time I’ll forego coffee during the work week is if I’m Carrie at the prom. High levels of caffeine can worsen period symptoms, so I opt for tea instead.

I know tea has caffeine, but it’s practically obsolete compared to coffee. Plus it’s gentle on my innards.

When Jack Frost is on duty, I love having a cuppa when the moon’s out. It helps to calm me, and it’s a great way to detox and hydrate.

My favorite tea is black. Second is oolong.

My favorite type of coffee is Colombian thus far, though I’ve decided to up my coffee game by trying different varieties via coffee pod samplers with a single-brew system. When I’m feeling fancy, French vanilla lattes are my go-to.

I dig cocoa a.k.a hot chocolate, but I don’t fancy it like I used to. I must reconnect with the chocolate gods by upping my cocoa intake.

Coffee is for work, cocoa is for play, and tea is for everything else in between.




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