Naturally Treating My ADHD Kid-Pt. 2


In a response to all of the views of the initial post, Naturally Treating My ADHD Kid, I decided to write a follow up for inquiring minds.

Since then, my son, Thing 2, continued to have a lot more issues at school. The current school year has been the worst thus far, resulting in more suspensions than I can count.

The natural ADHD/ADD meds failed us. I believe they would’ve been successful if designed for those with mild symptoms.

My son experiences moderate to severe ADHD.

Following a recent psychological evaluation, he was re-diagnosed with ADHD, and newly diagnosed with Other Specified Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorder.

Prior to the diagnosis, his medication was switched and increased. He’s now on a steady dose of Concerta (Methylphenidate) and Risperidone.

Though I was anti-prescription drugs for him, I’m now on the other side. I can’t argue with something that works.

Thing 2 began behavioral therapy in January, and has seen improvement. He’s getting better at managing his emotions and pushing through activities he’s not fond of, which is a major struggle for ADHD/ADD persons.

Using If-Then statements (e.g. If you clean up your room, then you’ll get to play Minecraft) has been effective at home and school.

I’m also in the process of finalizing his 504 Plan, which will ensure that he’s able to learn on a level playing field in a traditional school setting.

Watching my son grow into a young man of accountability makes my heart swell. Through the trials of his behavior at school, the psycho test, and therapy, I’m learning and understanding him more, which has increased my love for him.

These days I’m worrying less about his future, and feel our mother-child bond strengthening.

Thing 2 still experiences some so-so school days, but is having a lot more gold star days than ever since the medication modification and induction of therapy.

I don’t expect him to become a “perfect” child. As long as he strives for his best on a regular basis, and is genuinely happy, what more can I ask for?



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