Hey Springtime, How You Doin’?

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 3.02.55 PM

Fuck yes! Spring has sprung, and it’s about damn time.

I’m so ready to let my toes free in flip-flop fashion.

Sweaters, it’s been real, but short sleeves speak my language.

No more layering for awhile. Layering aggravates me. One of the downsides to being a cold-natured thin human.

I’m also glad spring has arrived, since the kiddos and I will be heading down south for an overdue spring break trip.

More than anything, I’m grateful for the sunny mornings and twilight evenings.

In addition to new beginnings.

I’ve completed my fifth book draft, and have it in rest mode at the moment. I’ll be hitting the sixth installment sometime next month.

Now that I have a bit of free time, I’d like to utilize it well. The only thing I wanna do involves Netflix and Hulu. Is that problematic?

I’ll be open to other options, but I feel like my Netflix queue is screaming at me.

Nothing wrong with a little binge-watching here and there, eh? It’s not like I haven’t earned it!

Cheers to dandelions, honey bees, tulips, and horned-up squirrel chases.


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