Animal Protein, I Missed You


After a year and nine months, I’ve decided to reincorporate land animal protein into my diet.

The reason? I feel more energized after consuming it.

Over the recent Easter weekend, my spawn and I went down south to visit family. I already knew we’d face some challenges in regards to maintaining healthy eating habits during our stay, considering pescatarianism, let alone veganism,wasn’t a popular dieting method in the area. I also wasn’t going to ruffle any feathers by refusing to eat any home-cooked meals containing land animal flesh.

I indulged in the goodness of Bright Leaf hot dogs, and ate Italian deli meat pinwheels on the train heading home. I forgot how delicious those red hot dogs are! I’m definitely gonna have my southern peeps ship me some if I can’t buy them online.

Since I adapted a pescatarian diet during the summer of 2014, I have not felt like I’ve been operating at 100%, though I managed to be content. Now that I’ve accepted land meat back into my life, I feel illuminated. I had no ill side effects either, as I feared. I’d heard long ago about vegetarians consuming meat and becoming sick after being abstained from it for long periods.

I had no idea I’d feel the difference between plant and animal proteins. Even seafood didn’t give me the energetic boost I needed.

Going through this dietary experience has proven to me that I require land animal protein to survive. There are different elements in these proteins that are needed for the human body to perform optimally, at least for my human body.

I will still aim to eat land meat without hormones that was ethically treated before being processed, though I know that’s an uphill battle. Trying is better than quitting cold turkey.

I’m so happy to be able to eat the land-animal based foods I enjoy again, like bacon and chicken salad, but I know to take it easy. I don’t need to eat that type of protein daily in mass quantities.

Everything in moderation!

Unless your body tells you otherwise. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to individual health needs.

Find yours, if you’re not already aware.



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