I Can’t #Love Everyone


Trying to find the good in someone that reaps negative energy is beyond challenging.I’m still trying to forgive all the folks that have emotionally abused me in addition to those that don’t wish me well. But how do you love someone that consistently brings bad vibes to your existence?

This is what has me stuck. Stuck because resources tell me that in order to achieve a high-level of spiritual peace, I must learn to love everyone.

Everyone doesn’t deserve love from everyone though.

If so, we’d all be everyone’s cup of tea.

So at this point in the “love everyone” game, I’ll settle for having an enemy or two.

Can’t say I haven’t tried, at least.

Having eternal peace doesn’t mean you’ll have a life void of negativity. Unfavorable energy is in abundance, but it’s up to you how to respond to it.

Keeping distance is a great method, but not always possible. You may work closely with glass half empty people, and you can’t just ditch work because of it.

Well, you can, but be prepared to clean out your cubicle too.

Perhaps dealing closely with those that grind our gears is a spiritual challenge, an opportunity for us to grow and opt for the high road option.

I don’t know, but I do know that I’m okay with not being able to truly love everyone.

If  I can love most of them, that’s good enough for me.


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