Etsy Shout Out: @ms_cosmetics

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 1.00.48 PM

Shout out to Micki Song Cosmetics for giving my lips life!

I started using MSC in December of last year, after searching on Etsy for a burgundy-colored lipstick. How could I NOT click on the product page image after spotting “Drunk’n Love” as a lipstick name?

Bought the lipstick, tried it, and wear it at least once a week. I’m in love with Drunk’n Love!

Since I recently ran out of a dark-colored lipstick, I decided to peruse the MSC Etsy page. Found “Racy“, a gorgeous deep wine color, and ordered.

Here’s the review I left of this particular shade of lipstick:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.08.59 PM

MSC lipsticks smell like cocoa and wear for long periods. They’re finely crafted, packaged, and cruelty free.

I’m looking forward to trying their signature black lipstick once my current stock runs dry.

Cheers to the Micki Song team for delivering fabulous lipstick worldwide!


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